Värtsilä disc golf course

Värtsilä’s nine-lane forest course consists of two parts. Part A with lanes 1–4 circles around the sports field. Part B with lanes 5–9 is on the other side of Pykälävaarantie and runs along the sawdust track to the gravel pit and further upwards. The classification of the course is B2.

The course was designed by Seppo Nieminen and Petri Happonen. Changes to the course were implemented in 2021 by Ville Nivalainen / Obsidian Discs Oy, Joensuu.

Course map

“The first four lanes of the course run along each side of the dirt field on even ground. There is plenty of room to make your throws with very few trees in the way. The last four lanes are by the sawdust track or forest paths, and differences in elevation come into play – relatively mildly though. The distances are short, which means that the course can be completed very quickly.”


Patsolantie 22, Värtsilä

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The map link provides directions to the parking area of the sports field. You can start the course directly from the parking area.

It is possible to borrow disc golf discs from the Sports Services Department of Tohmajärvi.

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