The new outdoor recreation trail Sorpanpolku, which was constructed through town council projects, can be found by the southern villages of Tohmajärvi (Akkala, Jouhkola, Riikola). Some sections feature steep differences in elevation. A rest stop is available at the Kypärävaara lean-to, and a highlight of the trail is the Sorppalampi bridge.

Starting from the Akkala-Jouhkola youth club building, Sorpanpolku is roughly 11 km long. With the Akanpolku section, the length is about 13.5 km. The trail is classified as demanding and requires good terrain riding skills.


  • Youth club building – Kiteentie crossing – Riikolantie 2.7 km (the entire section runs along a dirt road)
  • Riikolantie – Kypärävaara lean-to 1.2 km
  • Kypärävaara – Sorppalampi bridge 2.0 km (mostly forest path)
  • Sorppalampi – youth club building 5 km (starts on a forest path; mostly consists of narrow village roads)

Route map


Presentation video on the Karelianpolut trails in Tohmajärvi.


Akkalantie 68, Tohmajärvi

Contact information

The most convenient way to access the trail is by the Akkala-Jouhkola youth club building. It is possible to navigate the route in either direction, but the signposts point in the anticlockwise direction. Follow the blue colour. The trail loops back to the same place.

Length: approx. 11 km

Services: Parking, privy

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