Rääkkylä disc golf course

A nine-lane disc golf course is located in the Rääkkylä village centre. The park course is easy and well-suited to beginners. The classification of the course is B2.

The course was designed by Seppo Nieminen / Amexpo Oy, Kauhajoki.

Course map

“This course that is situated in a park does not feature much variation in elevation, so completing it constitutes light outdoor recreation. The distances are short, so it is extremely fast to complete. The lanes are relatively easy, and many times you have a direct shot at the basket. The course is in a very beautiful and central location in Rääkkylä. The well-tended park environment features plenty of spectacular scenery.”

Presentation video of the Rääkkylä disc golf course:


Kinnulantie 4, Rääkkylä

Contact information

Parking is available in the sports field parking area. The course is located in the area between the youth centre, school centre and sports field. Information and a map is provided on the wall of the youth centre.

Disc golf discs can be borrowed from the Rääkkylä library.

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