Rääkkylä Church (Evangelical Lutheran)

Rääkkylä Church

The current church was completed in 1851. It was designed by architect Lohrmann and constructed by church builder Tolppo. The church is the fifth to stand in the same location, as the ones before it were destroyed by fire.

The beautiful cruciform church was built from logs brought from Pyssysalo. The window panes and roofing sheets were brought in from Sortavala and Saint Petersburg, respectively. The rooster on the church roof is unique in the entire region of Eastern Finland. It serves as a symbol of the spiritual realm that watches over us.

The altarpiece was created by painter E.J. Härkönen from Eno in 1929. The organ was manufactured by the organ factory Kangasalan urkutehdas in 1976. The facade was designed by Albanus Jurva in 1899. The church has seating for 1,200 people.

The local church is extremely important to residents of Rääkkylä. A testament to this are the many measures and donations by private persons and associations to beautify the church.

The church is closed in winter. Events are usually held in the village chapel.

During the summer, tour reservations can be made through the Kitee parish office.


Kirkkotie 5 , 82300 Rääkkylä

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