Peltola Trail

Two-way trail with a medium challenge level, which is also suited to beginners. Ascent/descent 171 m. The trail provides opportunities for enjoyable and at times physically challenging mountain biking and trail running through beautiful forest landscapes.

The trail is formed by three connecting routes. Half of the northern part consists of footpaths running through birch forest, and half of it consists of a ski trail path topped with rock dust. The middle is almost entirely made up of a footpath running through rolling spruce and birch forest landscapes. There is one challenging section which is crossed along a fairly long plank bridge. A short section of the southernmost part runs along a rock-dusted ski trail path and farm road. Other sections are footpaths running through spruce and birch forests.

Talvi Trail (a route for hikers and mountain bikers maintained in the winter) is part of Peltola Trail; marked in blue and white. The trail is connected to Hutsi Trail via a public road (0.5 km).


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Arppentie 6, 82500 Kitee

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The trail starts where the Peltola ski trails begin. Parking is available in the parking area of the Kitee health centre. Follow the blue colour and on Talvi Trail the blue and white colours. The trail loops back to the same place.

Length: approx. 7 km

Services: Parking, WC, water, café (health centre)

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