Pekan Trail

Demanding two-way trail that requires good terrain riding skills. Ascent/descent 265 m. The route provides opportunities for enjoyable and physically challenging mountain biking and trail running.

The trail starts at the Tohmajärvi sports hall. Near the starting point the route runs along a sawdust track. At the start of the trail, be aware of the disc golf course near the trail.

The trail largely runs through spruce forests and green esker scenery. The Hernevaara esker features a rest stop with a table for enjoying any food you have packed for the trip. The location commands a beautiful view over Tohmajärvi. Only one section of the trail is slightly technically challenging, but the route features multiple demanding ascents and descents. At two points, difficult sections are crossed along plank bridges and the wetland section runs along a gravel-reinforced path.

Sections of Pekan Trail merge with the nature trails in the area (marked in yellow), which provide more route options. The nature trails are not maintained for mountain biking. The trail merges with Piilovaara Trail, which is linked to Kirkkoniemi Trail.

Route map


Presentation video on the Karelianpolut trails in Tohmajärvi.


Kirkkotie 10, 82600 Tohmajärvi

Contact information

The starting point and parking can be found at the Tohmajärvi sports hall. The actual starting point of the trail is the sawdust track. Pekan Trail is marked along the route in red.

Length: approx. 7.5 km

Services: Parking, WC, water, shower (sports hall)

Opening hours and services of the sports hall:

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