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The modest ambient music project of one Kitee-born dreamer and his schoolmates has grown into an international juggernaut of metal music with fans from every country and walk of life.

Nightwish is the most popular symphonic metal band in the world. Over the course of its career, it has sold more than ten million records, gained gold records all over the world and completed eight successful world tours. The band is a pioneer of its genre and the most internationally successful group in Finnish rock history.

Unique collection

Among other items, the exhibition includes the demo tape that won Nightwish its first record deal, instruments and props used by the members on their tours, many of the band’s numerous music awards, video props and wardrobe items and practically anything the group’s fans could hope to see. Our digital treasure troves provide an endless supply of other goodies that visitors can access conveniently through tablets.

Visit virtually

Like the actual exhibition, the virtual exhibition consists of two floors and a variety of themed rooms. The exhibition covers everything from rare Nightwish merchandise to early recordings, photos, awards and props used in music videos and films. The lower floor displays some of the instruments used by the band over the years.

On the lower floor, you can also use a VR headset to view 360-degree live recordings and play a variety of 3D games. Dive into virtual reality and experience the story of Nightwish in multiple dimensions! The exhibition items and 3D games are updated regularly, so it pays to pop in more than once!

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