Nightwish 16.6.2023, other accommodation

The legend will return to their hometown!

Sydänkarjala and the city of Kitee are as excited about Nightwish’s return to home as all the fans!

We are also aware of the area’s limited accommodation capacity when we expect even 10,000, concert guests. As a region, we will do everything to ensure that there is accommodation for everyone during the concert weekend.

We are planning different types of alternative accommodation options such as caravan, camping, school, etc. More detailed information about these accommodation options will be updated on this page as they are confirmed.

You can also inquire about these alternative accommodations from the Kitee tourist information office between 10am and 5pm (Tel. +358 40 105 1021 or

HOX! Remember to look at the area’s accommodation offer also from the following platforms: AirBnB, Lomarengas,


Alternative accommodation during the concert weekend:

  • Koivikon kartano (Koivikontie, 82430 Puhos)

Apartments for 8-10 people, with 2 beds in one room. Some apartments also have a sofa bed.
Possibility to park a motorhome or caravan.
Restaurant Koivikon Kievari operates in the area.
There is a farm shop in the area.

Contact and reservations: tel. +358 500 217 476 or


Updated: 11/11/2022


Kitee, 82500

Contact information

You can buy concert tickets from the website starting at 11.11.20222 clock 9 am: