Kesälahti secondary school course

The fast and relatively easy park course is located by the Kesälahti secondary school. Perfect for beginning enthusiasts. The course features five lanes, all of which are par three. The classification of the course is D1.

The course was designed by Seppo Nieminen / Amexpo Oy, Kauhajoki.

“This even park track has no differences in elevation, which meant that going around it constituted light outdoor recreation. The lanes and the distances between them are very short, which makes this a superfast little course. The location in the heart of Kesälahti is excellent. The secondary school is next to the course, and the most convenient place to leave your car is the yard of the S-market grocery shop, which is close to the first lane. This also means that you can get snacks right by the course.”


Pyhäjärventie 3, Kesälahti

Contact information

Starting point next to the yard area of the Kesälahti secondary school near the corner with the outdoor gym. The starting point features information and a map of the course.

Disc golf discs can be borrowed from the Kitee and Kesälahti libraries.

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