Kaurila School Museum

Kaurila School Museum

Kaurila public school began its operations on 3 October 1898. The first teacher was Hanna Tietäväinen, sister of the famous author Maiju Lassila. The school was closed in the spring of 1973, followed by which the building was available to village residents. Eini Parkkulainen, a former teacher of the school, created the school museum to serve as a reminder to future generations. The museum was opened to the public in 1983.

In conjunction with the renovation of the Kaurila village centre, the museum gained more space with the addition of a former primary school classroom. There you can experience sitting at a pupil’s desk that is more than a century old. Among other items, the teacher’s desk, map stand and coatrack are of equal age.

The classroom also features a slate board, fountain pens and ink bottles that were used a little later, and posters that served as valuable teaching tools. Samples of handicrafts made by pupils along the years are also on display, along with the tools used to make them.

During the war, the school building provided accommodation for soldiers and evacuees and served as a military hospital. The mementos from those days include Lotta Svärd uniforms and other wartime items.

Champion cross-country skier Siiri ‘Äitee’ Rantanen, a former pupil of the school, donated her competition outfit and skiing equipment to the museum.

Tours of the Kaurila school museum must be separately reserved.


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