The field of flowers is a unique attraction

Karjalanruusu’s field of flowers that is almost a hectare in size is definitely worth seeing. The colourful field is at its best in August–September, when it truly becomes a sea of flowers.

The flower species that grow on the field include asters, zinnias and sunflowers. For example, the field boasts 13 species of asters, and each of them include a multitude of colours. In fact, aster can be regarded as the best and most durable cut flower, which some are even able to dry very beautifully.

The field also includes limoniums, which are not only good cut flowers and dried flowers but also excellent butterfly flowers. During the sunny days of late summer, up to a thousand of these beautiful winged creatures have been estimated to flutter above the field. For example, there were at times hundreds of peacock butterflies on the field in 2015.

Between July and September, the flower field is available for picking flowers and the dry flower warehouse is available for visits every day. In mid-August, a weekend-long Kukkakuhhaus flower event is organised at the site. In addition to the field of flowers, you can also visit Kille the Rooster’s chicken pen.


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