Hutsi Trail

Demanding two-way trail that requires good terrain riding skills. Ascent/descent 203 m. The trail provides opportunities for enjoyable and suitably challenging mountain biking and trail running.

The starting point is at Hutsi Sports Centre. The northern half of the trail (north of the public road) runs through hilly and partially somewhat technical (roots and rocks) esker terrain, largely along footpaths and ski trail paths in spruce forests. This section features the steepest and most challenging hills and the most spectacular views. At the start of the trail, be aware of the disc golf course near the trail.

Half of the southern part (south of the public road) runs on ski trail paths that are in a natural state. The other half consists of forest footpaths. The ski trail sections feature short but somewhat steep ascents/descents. The footpath section includes fairly little variation in elevation.

Sections of Hutsi Trail merge with the nature trails in the area (marked in yellow), which provide more route options. The nature trails are not maintained for mountain biking. The trail is also connected to Peltola Trail via a public road (0.5 km).


Route map


Presentation video on the Karelianpolut trails in Kitee


Urheilutie 7, 82500 Kitee

Contact information

The info sign for the starting point can be seen when turning to the Vespeli parking area. Follow the red colour towards the ice arena. The trail into the forest starts next to it. The trail loops back to the same place.

Length: approx. 7 km

Services: Parking, WC, water, café, shower (swimming hall)

Opening hours and services of Vespeli:

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