Hutsi disc golf course

An 18-lane disc golf course is available at Hutsi Sports Centre. The course is hilly and features plenty of differences in elevation. The classification of the course is A1.

The course was designed by Ville Nivalainen / Obsidian Discs Oy, Joensuu.

“The course varied in terms of elevation, so going around it was a good workout. The surroundings consisted of spruce forest and more open areas near the sports field. The game progressed quickly thanks to the short distances.”

Course map


Urheilutie 7, Kitee

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The starting point is next to the rock dust field near the ice arena; signpost at the junction by the swimming hall and Hutsi school. The course runs partially on a sawdust track and partially in the woods.

Disc golf discs can be borrowed from the Kitee and Kesälahti libraries.

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