Horkkanotko disc golf course

The 9-lane disc golf course in the Horkkanotko area of Kesälahti is relatively challenging due to the differences in elevation and some narrow lanes. The course was established by Lions Club Kesälahti ry. The classification of the course is B1.

The course was designed by Seppo Nieminen / Amexpo Oy, Kauhajoki. Course map and lane signs: Pierre-Andre Forest.

“Navigating the course that followed the sawdust track and veered into the woods in some parts was not very challenging due to the moderate differences in elevation. The distances were very short. The services of Kesälahti town centre are roughly 500 m away, so the location of the course is excellent. The view from the highest points towards the sports field are spectacular.”

Route map


Sortolammentie 1, Kesälahti

Contact information

Starting point by the road leading to the sports field. Guidance is provided on the info board of the sports field, which also indicates the ski trails.

Disc golf discs can be borrowed from the Kitee and Kesälahti libraries.

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