The story of Central Karelia

Central Karelia is a place where people can come to spend time with themselves and hear their own thoughts. The leisurely pace of the countryside and the activities available do wonders to calm anyone’s nerves. You can enjoy some time alone or with others – here you are sure to find your own way of simply being.

In Central Karelia, you can admire nature from every window and step right into it from the doorway. When there is no water or shoreline, there are forests and eskers. There is always something to see and do.

In Central Karelia, you will meet people who are in no hurry to get anywhere and who do not feel the need to close themselves off from others. However, even if you are surrounded by silence, the Karelian people are happy to chat and show their hospitality to their guests; we accept all people as they are.

Unhurried atmosphere

In Central Karelia, no one is in a hurry. The silence will take your mind off your daily bustle and eliminate stress. Tourists come here to spend time with themselves, and they wish for a unique experience.


Central Karelia is somewhat out of the way but still near. Here people have the space and energy to be open and meet others on an authentic level. They may even engage you in a nice little chat. If you have no interest in the locals, fast internet is available by means of optical fibre.

Countryside charm

Everyday things in Central Karelia are exotic to city folk. People foster their culture by making music and food themselves, according to Karelian tradition. Nothing else is needed.

Natural experience

Authentic and unspoilt nature is always near in Central Karelia. And the people have a natural air about them. Nature lends the region its rich character and a bounty available for the picking.

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