There is always something to see and do in Central Karelia

Tourists come to spend time with themselves, and they wish for a unique experience. If you want to use your muscles, Central Karelia can offer you some of the clearest waters in Finland for canoeing and standup paddleboarding. You can also enjoy the waterways through guided cruises. There are several stables in the region, so you can also try your hand at horseback riding. The stables provide various services ranging from overnight horse trails to riding classes and courses of different lengths. We have plenty of vehicles with engines to ride, too. You can rent them and go out by yourself or try a guided safari. Remember to also read the weekly schedule for the summer of 2021!

Here you are sure to find your own way of simply being. Take your time learning about the experiences we can offer.

Here are some additional reasons to fall in love with Central Karelia

The best things about travel are the time spent together and the amazing experiences. Begin planning your holiday by getting to know the people, experiences and phenomena of Central Karelia. These stories and pictures will whisk you away from the daily bustle and provide new ideas for leisure.



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