Arriving in Central Karelia

Transport links in the area


Main road 6 runs through Central Karelia, providing the easiest and fastest way to access the area by car. Depending on the destination, the distance is 400 km from Helsinki, 70 km from Joensuu and 80 km from Savonlinna. The trip takes a bit longer if you use smaller side roads, but they provide plenty to see and experience, such as the Iso-Nestori ferry that crosses the Arvinsalmi strait.



Central Karelia features two operating railway stations, Kitee and Kesälahti. In Kesälahti, the railway station is about 1.7 km from the centre. The Kitee station is situated about 7 km from the centre.

If you need transport from the railway station, it is a good idea to book a taxi beforehand. The telephone number for the taxi service is +358 (0)60 110 100. Calling the number is subject to a fee.

Check train schedules on the VR website



You can also access Central Karelia by bus. Several bus lines run on a daily basis from Joensuu and Savonlinna to Central Karelia. With these links, travel within the region is also fairly effortless with some advance planning.

You can view the timetables of the available bus links through the following web pages:


Joensuu Public Transport



If you want, you can also access Central Karelia by air. The nearest airports are located in Joensuu (70 km) and Savonlinna (90 km). Both airports provide direct air links to Helsinki Airport.

From the airports, the easiest way to get to Central Karelia is to use public transport, rent a car at the airport or set up transport arrangements with your accommodation provider.

Check the flight timetables on the Finavia website



Central Karelia can also be accessed by boat. Guest marinas are located in Kitee and Rääkkylä.

Kitee, Puhos

Kesälahti, Karjalan Kievari

Kesälahti, Ruokkeen lomakylä

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